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who knew the grrl is new

I'm finding time to learn knitting and crocheting! Which is easier to start out with?
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I don't know. I'm trying to learn both, too, but I'm a miserable knitter. (My mama tried to teach me and I was like ". . . *FAIL*," but I think I'm gonna try again.)
good luck darlin ;p
I found crocheting was easier to learn by ones-self.
why thankya.
i did buy a packet of crocheting needles, at least i'll have something to do inplace of studying this semester.
i tried to learn both when i was 8, i succeeded at crochet, i was 38 before i mastered knitting...
friggen awesome. 30 years, eh? yeah, i'm sure the i will start with crocheting.
ok, i didn't like, try EVERY day, but i sure made 4 or 5 attempts over the years before it clicked.

crochet just made a lot more sense - it is also mucxh faster once you get the hang of it! a word of warning though, crocheting will use a lot more yarn than an equivalent knitting project, so be prepared for a more expensive hobby!

or actually, that's not so true, for crochet, you need a hook and some yarn, for knitting you seem to need 17,000 other things like stitch markers, point protectors, cable needles, etc etc

whatever you do, do it for fun, and don't take it seriously, ok?
randomly just found this community, so sorry for the intrusion.
But, I picked up 'stitch 'n' bitch' and found it completely useless on most things when it came to knitting.
If you want to teach yourself, has actual freaking video that you can watch that shows a lady step by step doing it.
I learned that way and, I picked it up pretty easily.

As to what you need, start out with some worsted weight yarn and two of the largest knitting needles you can find. Or, get normal 10 sized acrylic ones that you can see through.
That's it.
Once you have it down then you can invest in crap like point protectors and stuff.

That site is awesome. I learned to knit when I was a kid and I completely forgot how to bind off.

AND, Mad City Rocks! Viva la revolucion!
To me it was easier to learn to knit, but now I usually prefer to crochet.I taught myself both using the Klutz brand books. They come with hook\needles, yarn, patterns and everything you need to start. Tons of step by step pictures, everything is explained in an easy to understand way. They are written for girls about 8 and up but that didn't stop me from buying them at 27! You will not find an easier way to learn than these books, I recommend them to people of all ages all the time.