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The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society's Journal

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18th January 2012

chiibi_lady7:51am: Does anyone know any free patterns for tights/socks?  Something suitable for a beginner please!

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7th January 2011

dancingleaf5:44pm: pleats?
I'm not sure how active this community is...

I'm looking for a tutorial on the best way to sew a LOT of small pleats in a strip.

It is my intention to then fasten them to neckline & bottom edges of a bolero style jacket... if that helps.

Thanks in advance....

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22nd September 2009

delilahdewylde11:23am: Vintage sewing patterns
I am selling all of my vintage sewing patterns, I just don't have time to sew any more. If you have specific questions on any of the patterns, just let me know and I'll pull it out of the box. Tons of 1950's, some 40's era, and 60's too. The price is a steal for over 100 patterns!

Here is the auction:


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19th December 2008

riotqueerfemme1:55am: Dressmaker's dummy for swap
Hi there Sewing Disorderists

I have an unused adjustable (vintage?) dressmaker's dummy I'd like to swap for a smaller one (preferably adjustable). I would guess it's an Australian SZ 16+ - neck unmarked but adjustable, bust 100-116cm, waist 77-93 and hips 101-117. Note that I'm in Melbourne, Australia! Anyone interested?

BTW it looks (as far as I can tell) exactly like this one:

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15th September 2008



  • 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Differential Feed
  • Built-in Rolled Hem Plate
  • 25/5/1 Limited Commercial and Household Warranty
  • 1,300 Stitches Per Minute
Send me a e-mail to


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Hi im selling the machine Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, CS-6000i is
Brand New*

  • A wide variety of built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches, each with multiple stitch functions
  • LCD screen with computerized stitch selection
  • 7 styles of 1-step, auto-size buttonholes
  • Super-wide (7mm) zigzag and decorative stitches
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Variable needle position
  • Fast, automatic bobbin winding
  • 1-step bobbin replacement with quick set drop-in bobbin
  • Quilting features included
  • one-touch start/stop/reverse operations
  • Operates with or without foot control
  • Drop feed for free motion quilting. Create free-form or traditional quilt patterns
  • Sew fleece, elastic and other stretchy fabrics with the built-in stretch stitches
  • Use the built-in decorative stitches to embellish clothing, pillows, towels and more. Perfect for creating crazy quilt designs
  • Create delicate family treasures using the built-in heirloom stitches
  • Free arm/flatbed convertible sewing surface
  • Accessories for zipper insertion, darning, twin-needle stitching and button sewing
  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Electronic speed adjustment allows you to choose the most comfortable sewing speed for your project
  • Quick change presser feet
  • Stitch width and length control
  • Adjustable thread tension control
  • Safety power and light switch
  • Lightweight with built-in handle for portability
  • Instruction booklet in English and Spanish
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Unit Dimensions: 16e x 6.7e x 11.4e
  • Shipping Dimensions: 20.2e x 12.6e x 17.6e
  • Shipping Weight: 18.7 lbs.
  • UL/CSA listed
  • Model Number: CS-6000i

Send me a e-mail to

For more information

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22nd August 2008

penneydreadful10:47pm: Introductions
Hi everyone, I'm new to LiveJournal and am looking to make some friends and get some tips. I love wearing lolita fashion and am a beginner in sewing, hoping to make and sell original clothes some day. I love to combine lolita with rockabilly and diy kitsch style fashion- turning vintage and retro prints (like pokemon bedsheets and super mario fabric) into lolita-style jumperskirts and accessories.

I can't wait to start talking and making friends, and I hope to receive plenty of feedback and criticism- I still have a lot to learn! ^_^

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27th October 2007

shyska7:05pm: "Have you ever..
held your sewing scissors like a weapon."

A couple of days a go I was buzzing the side of my boyfriend's mohawk and the hair was too long for the clippers. So I grabbed my sewing scissors and cut it shorter, no big deal...

Until I poked him in the eye with the scissors! I am so embarrassed, but I had to share because it is so close to the line on this groups info page. This is after I poked him in the eye earlier with my finger (also by accident) and knocked out one of his contact lenses. Sigh.

In other news, my place is a disaster of sewing projects unearthed. The boyfriend "reorganized" my fabric stash while I was away this summer and I was upset. Finally had the guts to tackle the hoard and it wasn't all that bad.

Now I want to make this:


Has anyone else made anything similar? What are the most difficult parts? What should I know before I start? Having not made a costume for a while and with modest but copious sewing experience I'm hesitant.
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23rd March 2007

hfa3:49pm: ok mommy-ladies. i need your help.

i need to find a "prissy pants" pattern. for a gift. a cloth diaper cover. but the one i'm looking for ties on the sides. no snaps or elastics.


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7th September 2006

msgeek11:00pm: Let's set something off in here...
There hasn't been much action in this community. C'mon, let's get something going.

I'm going to repost something from my journal that I thought was cool. Let's hear from the rest of you. If you aren't a costuming person, paraphrase to denote what you have done and would like to do with yarn or textiles.

La Diva Sewphisticate's costuming meme...

1. What is your favorite costume era ?
Hmmm...a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? Or maybe Early Kogal? Middle Kawaii? I dunno...

2. What is the part of the costuming process (research, sewing, etc) that you hate the most ?
Machine sewing is still something I have to concentrate on completely for fear of mutilating my hands.

3. What is the part of the costuming process (research, sewing, etc) that you love the most ?
Research, and that "wow, I gotta make that!" inspiration you get when you see a really cool costume that's executed well.

4. What kind of detail in a dress immediately catch your eye ?
First of all, I'm not a "dress" kind of gal. But what catches my eye at an exhibit like "Dressing A Galaxy" is all the detail that doesn't make it on the screen but is put there "just because." No way you are going to see all those wonderful nurnies and embroidered textures and so on even on a huge theatre screen, much less on a TV watching a DVD.

5. What dress (painting, museum item, etc.) started your love for costuming ? When ?
I suppose it was going to Ren Faire the first time and just being blown away by the amazing work people had put into their outfits. That would be mid 1970s. When it was still being held in Agoura.

6. What costume are you sure you would never do ?
Darth Vader. When you are 5' 2" on a good day you simply can't pull it off.

7. How many projects do you have ? Count them all, not just the real planned projects, but also your dreamed ones.
OK, Chinese video game martial arts chick...I have the pattern and hopefully after the Woodbury "Common Threads" fabric sale on Thursday I'll have the fabric. A real undertunic for my Jedi robes, not the badly-done dickie. Fuu-chan kimono set. (Samurai Champloo) A redone pair of lightsabres, also for the Jedi outfit. Wait, that's propmaking. I also want to do a SW "Face" character...Jocasta Nu. I think it would be a gas to put on that outfit and read to little kids. In character. Oh yeah: I want to build myself a sewing dummy. One with legs so I can use it for fixing pants too.

8. What was your very very first costuming try ? It could be a barely begin project.
A "Bugaloo" from the Sid And Marty Kroft show of the same name. My mom and I did it together when I was 7 or something. We took a green mop and turned it into a wig with antennae. I had neat green wings.

9. What costume do you madly love, but don't feel able to do?
Padme Amidala as teen queen multi-layer kimono outfit. It was gorgeous on screen, it was even more gorgeous in person. The headdress alone is scary to even think of doing. Also I doubt I'd be able to pull it off. I would probably look like the Dowager Empress or something.

10. Which of your follow costumers do you admire the most ? Why ?
colleency. No doubt. Because she has been very encouraging.
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21st July 2006

velvetink12:21am: sewing machine recomendations
Hi, not long after I joined up my trusty machine died on me. So no pics of anything I have made recently. I have commented on things from time to time though.

Now I have saved a little $ wondering if you any recommendations for a low budget sewing machine, that incls facility to drop the feed dogs for quilting. My old machine a Janome My Excell served me well 15 yrs till now. Possibly more if you know of machines to avoid as
I have no idea whats on offer these days.

Thanks for your help and if this is not appropriate please let me know.

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6th July 2006

riotqueerfemme2:25pm: QUEER INK writing group - come join us!
please excuse the cross-posting, but I thought members might be interested in this (or know folks who might be) - please pass it on!

Queer Ink

a new writing group for queers

Queer? Do you write, or are you interested in writing? Would you like to talk with other people who write? Would you like to get together with others who understand what it’s like to struggle with writer’s block, and who want to know how to get published (like you)? Would you like help with critiquing your work and exploring your writing?


Queer Ink is a new writing group for queers who like to write, whether you call yourself a writer or not. We welcome anyone who identifies as queer and writes. We welcome folks of any gender or sexuality.


Interested? Check us out!

Come join us on the web at


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26th February 2006

msgeek5:45pm: Two for the price of none at FIDM
Hi grrls...

Just wanted to let you know there is a super-cool exhibit going on at the FIDM Museum of Fashion in Downtown Los Angeles. This year was a pretty awesome year for costume design in the movies, and the proof is in FIDM's annual exhibit. It's FREE to get in.

Here's the details:

Also, when you're there, the FIDM Scholarship Store is having a fabric blowout. $1 per yard.

I don't attend FIDM...in fact, one could say that the university I do attend, Woodbury, is sort of their cross-town rival where the fashion program is concerned. (No, I'm not a fashion major if that's your next question.)But this was too good not to share. Sew happy...

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3rd February 2006

psychokitten7812:43am: Burprag fun
So awhile back I made a post about fun burprags that I thought would make a great gift for a baby (shower)...for anyone who wanted to see an example...here are several I made for my cousins shower this week...

It's very simple...I bought a 12 pack of Gerber prefold cloth diapers...then fabric...you only need about 7 inches cut...but the width of the fabric is more than enough for 2...so I went with 6 differant prints (2 burp rags each)...then just put them over the 'absorbant' part of the diaper...sewed them up and there ya go (they're folded so you don't really see the sides...they're just left plain)...

Simple, inexpensive and WONDERFUL...since they tend to get stained up...for whatever reason with Simons...the stuff doesn't stick to the fabric very well and cleans up so much better...they're also fun!

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23rd January 2006

randimae12:43am: This blows my mind.

The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society is a satirical approach to gender roles. It suggest that women hide under the cover of loving their gender roles whilst plotting the revolution. It's based in Madison, WI, and its members are feminists who just happen to enjoy sewing and such.

This isn't a slogan for ladies who love baking and being Joan Clever; it's a slogan for those who don't accept the idea that their place is in the kitchen with a mattress on the floor, for emergency pleasing of their man.

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18th January 2006

sepheri5:53pm: Hello

Hi, I just joined a lot of sewing and embroidery related communities so apologies if you end up reading a hello message from me a hundred times.

I'm Cat, I'm in the UK and I have a BA in Multi-Media Textiles specialising in latex work.

I'm currently a happy housewife who loves to cook, sew, bake, embroider and ggenerally cause havoc.

I also make my own clothes and have recently started embroidery and tapestry again for the first time since I was tiny.

I made a floral embroidered table cloth for my grandmother before Christmas which I will post some pictures of if I can find them and I am currently working on the Dimentions pattern 'A Rush of Thunder'.

I hope someone might be able to help me with a few questions about fabric...
I just bought a lot of beautiful sewing patterns but I am having trouble finding the right fabric for them. I hate making things in synthetic fibres so I am looking for some pure wool, cotton and linen.
Has anyone bought fabric online?
How was it?
Would you do it again?
Can you recommend any sites (preferably in the UK for me)?

Thanks in advance :)

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9th January 2006

serenityplz_174:45pm: who knew the grrl is new
I'm finding time to learn knitting and crocheting! Which is easier to start out with?
Current Mood: curious

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2nd January 2006

beesonelastic2:16am: Hey kids, I'm new! I'm currently working on fixing this lovely dress I bought at goodwill to make it look like it didn't belong to the 1985 prom queen. I'm also making an embroidered patchwork bag based on some of these pictures. And...I bake. Playing into my gender role is fun! (However, my boyfriend carries my purse as though it is his when we go out and he likes it.)

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23rd December 2005

psychokitten781:59am: gonna post a recipe in here...cause I can...
anyone that's had them will surely attest to my damn good sugar cookies...they are indeed...the bomb...so in the interest of good will toward men...and that I told Elissa I'd give her the recipe...here goes (with my tweeks that have made them amazing...it was an origional betty crocker recipe...that now they want you to buy the premade mix for...this is the real deal and like I said...I've tweeked it and substituted to make them wonderful...I'll also include the damn good cream cheese icing recipe that I always use for the cookies)

Danielle's Damn Good Sugar Cookies

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup of butter (aka 2 sticks)
1 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cream of tartar

Mix sugar, butter, vanilla, almond, and egg in bowl...stir in remaining ingrediants slowly...cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours...

Preheat oven to 375...roll out the dough, cut as desired, decorate with sugar/sprinkes or whatever if you want to pre decorate...then throw them on a non-stick or greased cookie sheet for about 7-8 min...(and they're wonderful if you make them a little thick and keep them a bit soft...)

if you use self rising flour...don't put in the baking soda or cream of tartar...

Amazing Cream Cheese Frosting

1 package of cream cheese (8 oz.) SOFTENED
1 tablespoon of milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla
4 cups of powdered sugar (a pound usually is equal...so you could also use just a 1 pound bag/box)

beat the cream cheese, milk and vanilla in a bowl..then start adding in the cream cheese a bit at a time...it'll frost a reg. cake or 2 layers of a 9 inch cake...

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4th December 2005

cellos_playing1:40am: eep! help!
I have a huge favour to ask!

I'm designing costumes for a production called "Anna in the Tropics" and I'm currently in the process of doing research and drawing preliminary sketches. I sew and pattern draft pretty well, but I've never had to do anything from this time era before 1929-1930. It seems to me that this is a very pivotal two years in fashion because the silhouettes begin to change dramatically - from the boyish, drop waisted outlines of the 1920's to the more defined waist of the 1930's.

Basically what I need is some pictures of sources of original patterns, tips on sewing methods of this time era, and stuff like that to further help me out. I only know a few things, like cutting on the bias became popular to make things more flowy/drapy.

Anything is welcome! THANK YOU!
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17th November 2005

psychokitten7811:03pm: So finally got a sewing machine...think I said something about that a few days ago...(it's a singer...antique...it was my grandmother's in a beautiful cherry wood cabinet and all that)...

Well anyways...today I made my first real item of clothing...(I've been practicing with putting some decoration on burp rags...aka...cloth diapers)...

Today I made Syd some pajama's...I actually did it at my mom's house...b/c well..although I have cut out many a pattern...I've never actually put one together...so she kind of walked me through it...

They're so cute...basically it's a top/pants set...made with pink flannel material with little pink poodles, the eiffel tower, and names like fifi and mimmie all over it...then I got some of the little hanging pom poms and put that around the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt...just for fun (just saw them and thought it'd be uber cute)...

with the exception of the neck being a bit big...(Syd's got a big head and it just did NOT look like her head would fit through the hole...so my mom altered the material some...b/c we've had that problem many times)...turns out..didn't need to be enlarged...(seriously...her head is 2 inches smaller than mine and my mothers...she doesn't look like she's got a big noggin...but yeah...it is...21 inch circumferance)

here are some pix...Read more...Collapse )
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7th July 2005

xmydesire2:18am: i've been joined with this community for a year, but i tend to forget about live journal, i'm more of a xanga fan, lately i've been knitting like crazy, i'm knitting 3 scarfs and a sweater out of stich and bitch, when i'm done i'll post pictures, i'm also probably going to make a ladies sewing circle and terrorist society pink tote bag, because that such an amazing name, end.

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26th April 2005

samuraikitten4:40pm: floral hair clips
So with the entire giant organization of everything artistic I decided I'm gonna have to start making things like hairclips again for people.
I made a couple a while ago and a few more before that. I used to be wicked crafty and now all I do is work come home.

No more of that!!!!

so any of you lady's with hair give me a holler and I am ready to hook you up :)

Current Mood: artistic

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psychokitten781:03pm: a leap into the unknown...
Well with the impending birth of my second baby...My mom and I were looking around at crib sets...sure you can get the generic types at wal-mart, target, and the like...or pay 500$ for a really neat one at a specialty baby store when I got an idea...

While looking at some of the more expensive baby comforters I thought "We can make our own"...and so the search was on...I wanted something one of a kind and fun and funky...

Luckily Hancock's was having a giant sale this past weekend and we got some great fabrics...One is a brown with a seafoam, coral, lime green, and yellow polka dots and spirograph designs...one is lime green with yellow swirlies all over it...then a ton of coral and seafoam satin...(all for 20$...and there is enough to make some fun pillows to go with it)

I've desingned the comfoter myself...40" x 50"...the bottom will be the coral satin...the top will have a seafoam satin border...4 large blocks (at each corner) of the brown and green...and in the middle 3" strips of the brown/green fabric with 1 1/2" strips of the coral/seafoam alternating all the way across...

I sat down saturday and made a pattern (a LOT easier than I thought)...and I have most of the fabric pieces cut...so far my mom's going to sew it b/c she has a fancy serger...

I'll post pictures of it when I get it finished...I can't wait b/c it's going to look amazing I believe!

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