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So finally got a sewing machine...think I said something about that a few days ago...(it's a was my grandmother's in a beautiful cherry wood cabinet and all that)...

Well I made my first real item of clothing...(I've been practicing with putting some decoration on burp rags...aka...cloth diapers)...

Today I made Syd some pajama's...I actually did it at my mom's house...b/c well..although I have cut out many a pattern...I've never actually put one she kind of walked me through it...

They're so cute...basically it's a top/pants set...made with pink flannel material with little pink poodles, the eiffel tower, and names like fifi and mimmie all over it...then I got some of the little hanging pom poms and put that around the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt...just for fun (just saw them and thought it'd be uber cute)...

with the exception of the neck being a bit big...(Syd's got a big head and it just did NOT look like her head would fit through the my mom altered the material some...b/c we've had that problem many times)...turns out..didn't need to be enlarged...(seriously...her head is 2 inches smaller than mine and my mothers...she doesn't look like she's got a big noggin...but is...21 inch circumferance)

here are some pix...

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