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eep! help!

I have a huge favour to ask!

I'm designing costumes for a production called "Anna in the Tropics" and I'm currently in the process of doing research and drawing preliminary sketches. I sew and pattern draft pretty well, but I've never had to do anything from this time era before 1929-1930. It seems to me that this is a very pivotal two years in fashion because the silhouettes begin to change dramatically - from the boyish, drop waisted outlines of the 1920's to the more defined waist of the 1930's.

Basically what I need is some pictures of sources of original patterns, tips on sewing methods of this time era, and stuff like that to further help me out. I only know a few things, like cutting on the bias became popular to make things more flowy/drapy.

Anything is welcome! THANK YOU!
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