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Hi, I just joined a lot of sewing and embroidery related communities so apologies if you end up reading a hello message from me a hundred times.

I'm Cat, I'm in the UK and I have a BA in Multi-Media Textiles specialising in latex work.

I'm currently a happy housewife who loves to cook, sew, bake, embroider and ggenerally cause havoc.

I also make my own clothes and have recently started embroidery and tapestry again for the first time since I was tiny.

I made a floral embroidered table cloth for my grandmother before Christmas which I will post some pictures of if I can find them and I am currently working on the Dimentions pattern 'A Rush of Thunder'.

I hope someone might be able to help me with a few questions about fabric...
I just bought a lot of beautiful sewing patterns but I am having trouble finding the right fabric for them. I hate making things in synthetic fibres so I am looking for some pure wool, cotton and linen.
Has anyone bought fabric online?
How was it?
Would you do it again?
Can you recommend any sites (preferably in the UK for me)?

Thanks in advance :)

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