PsychoKitten78 (psychokitten78) wrote in sewingndisorder,

Burprag fun

So awhile back I made a post about fun burprags that I thought would make a great gift for a baby (shower)...for anyone who wanted to see an are several I made for my cousins shower this week...

It's very simple...I bought a 12 pack of Gerber prefold cloth diapers...then only need about 7 inches cut...but the width of the fabric is more than enough for I went with 6 differant prints (2 burp rags each)...then just put them over the 'absorbant' part of the diaper...sewed them up and there ya go (they're folded so you don't really see the sides...they're just left plain)...

Simple, inexpensive and WONDERFUL...since they tend to get stained up...for whatever reason with Simons...the stuff doesn't stick to the fabric very well and cleans up so much better...they're also fun!

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