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Let's set something off in here...

There hasn't been much action in this community. C'mon, let's get something going.

I'm going to repost something from my journal that I thought was cool. Let's hear from the rest of you. If you aren't a costuming person, paraphrase to denote what you have done and would like to do with yarn or textiles.

La Diva Sewphisticate's costuming meme...

1. What is your favorite costume era ?
Hmmm...a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? Or maybe Early Kogal? Middle Kawaii? I dunno...

2. What is the part of the costuming process (research, sewing, etc) that you hate the most ?
Machine sewing is still something I have to concentrate on completely for fear of mutilating my hands.

3. What is the part of the costuming process (research, sewing, etc) that you love the most ?
Research, and that "wow, I gotta make that!" inspiration you get when you see a really cool costume that's executed well.

4. What kind of detail in a dress immediately catch your eye ?
First of all, I'm not a "dress" kind of gal. But what catches my eye at an exhibit like "Dressing A Galaxy" is all the detail that doesn't make it on the screen but is put there "just because." No way you are going to see all those wonderful nurnies and embroidered textures and so on even on a huge theatre screen, much less on a TV watching a DVD.

5. What dress (painting, museum item, etc.) started your love for costuming ? When ?
I suppose it was going to Ren Faire the first time and just being blown away by the amazing work people had put into their outfits. That would be mid 1970s. When it was still being held in Agoura.

6. What costume are you sure you would never do ?
Darth Vader. When you are 5' 2" on a good day you simply can't pull it off.

7. How many projects do you have ? Count them all, not just the real planned projects, but also your dreamed ones.
OK, Chinese video game martial arts chick...I have the pattern and hopefully after the Woodbury "Common Threads" fabric sale on Thursday I'll have the fabric. A real undertunic for my Jedi robes, not the badly-done dickie. Fuu-chan kimono set. (Samurai Champloo) A redone pair of lightsabres, also for the Jedi outfit. Wait, that's propmaking. I also want to do a SW "Face" character...Jocasta Nu. I think it would be a gas to put on that outfit and read to little kids. In character. Oh yeah: I want to build myself a sewing dummy. One with legs so I can use it for fixing pants too.

8. What was your very very first costuming try ? It could be a barely begin project.
A "Bugaloo" from the Sid And Marty Kroft show of the same name. My mom and I did it together when I was 7 or something. We took a green mop and turned it into a wig with antennae. I had neat green wings.

9. What costume do you madly love, but don't feel able to do?
Padme Amidala as teen queen multi-layer kimono outfit. It was gorgeous on screen, it was even more gorgeous in person. The headdress alone is scary to even think of doing. Also I doubt I'd be able to pull it off. I would probably look like the Dowager Empress or something.

10. Which of your follow costumers do you admire the most ? Why ?
colleency. No doubt. Because she has been very encouraging.
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