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"Have you ever..

held your sewing scissors like a weapon."

A couple of days a go I was buzzing the side of my boyfriend's mohawk and the hair was too long for the clippers. So I grabbed my sewing scissors and cut it shorter, no big deal...

Until I poked him in the eye with the scissors! I am so embarrassed, but I had to share because it is so close to the line on this groups info page. This is after I poked him in the eye earlier with my finger (also by accident) and knocked out one of his contact lenses. Sigh.

In other news, my place is a disaster of sewing projects unearthed. The boyfriend "reorganized" my fabric stash while I was away this summer and I was upset. Finally had the guts to tackle the hoard and it wasn't all that bad.

Now I want to make this:

Has anyone else made anything similar? What are the most difficult parts? What should I know before I start? Having not made a costume for a while and with modest but copious sewing experience I'm hesitant.
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