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The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society
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Have you ever..
held your sewing scissors like a weapon.
Baked a cake while thinking.. if this is easy how hard could be it be to make a bomb?
Fed your dearest man dinner thinking.. you big lug fix it yourself.
Have you ever wanted to break out of the mold you have been super sealed into break out into
something even more extraordinary than you could have ever possibly
Uh go away you scientology freak.

Where was I?
We don't hate men. I think this is a common misconception, the ladies of our circle in fact are
quite adoring of most men. Some of us are married, some of us are single.
It makes no difference.
Men are not going to dissapear so if we are going to have to take care of them we may as well
enjoy the hell out of ourselves.

The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society was created by a husbandless houswife somewhere in
California on a warm friday night. She was sewing a work shirt for the
man she loved and pricked her finger spilling her blood onto the work she had created.
And in the drop she saw the future.. a world where women not only took care of the ones they loved
but they did indeed rule the homes they so lovingly created.

The LSCT is not just kept to the ladies bent over their sewing machines and sewing flags and
It is also for the Ladies in the kitchen cooking love filled warm fattening meals for the ones
they love. Yes.. the ladies in our society do not bow to those idiot
induced "i hate how i look because this is what society says is pretty"

We are beautiful, we are smart, crafty original and timeless.

If you don't agree with this fuck off. ;)

You think it has what it takes to Join Us? Here we are "Proper Ladies", we wear our georgous dresses, high heels, cook our men dinner, clean the house, and some might watch the kids...but deep inside us rages a woman aching to break out...a woman that has a hear of steel that can put any man to shame with her craftyness...we can drink men under tables, make a sailor blush, and most importantly...REAK HAVOK IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!

Basically it's like this..
Fight Club + a quilting bee - the fighting + the mayhem - the quilting + sewing machines=The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terroist Society

If you think you're woman enough...Join Us..

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